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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: The rear window is separating from the fabric on my convertible top. What can be done to fix this?

A: In most cases it is recommended to replace the entire rear window. If it's just the bottom strip that is separating, it might be repairable. Bring your car in so we can discuss your options.

Q: There are small tears on my convertible top. Can these be patched up?

A: We can glue some patches on your top for you and they are fairly inexpensive, but they don't look very nice and they won't last. If your top is torn, we recommend replacing it.

Q: My convertible top won't go up or down. What could be causing it to malfunction?

A: There are several reasons why a top won't work. It could be caused by a faulty switch, relay, fuse, hydraulic pump, hydraulic lines, or cylinder. It can also be caused by lack of hydraulic fluid. Bring it in so we can diagnose, repair, and service your convertible top.

Q: My scissor top opens and closes, but is very slow. Can you fix my scissor top for me?

A: Yes we can! We can diagnose and replace worn components so your scissor top will work like new.

Q: The seat in my car has a small tear. Do I have to recover the whole seat or can I just have the part that is torn fixed.

A: In most cases the section that is torn can be replaced. We can match up the material and replace just that section. Bring in your car for an estimate. 

Q: The headliner is coming down on my head. Can it be glued back into place?

A: This happens when the foam backing on the material deteriorates. In this case, we recommend replacing the material because simply gluing it back into place will not work. The headliner board must be taken out, cleaned, and recovered. Recovering your headliner is fairly inexpensive and you'll have a new headliner that will look great for years to come.
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